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Link ECU G4 Plugin 3S-GTE



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Plug-In ECU's that deliver:
1.Take your car into a qualified Link Installer. They will....
2.Locate the original factory ECU, unplug the loom and remove the enclosure from the car
3.Open the enclosure and remove the original PCB. Install the Link G4 Plug-In ECU, it will fit beautifully
4.Re-install the enclosure into the car and plug in the loom.

5.Fit a MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) line from the ECU to the engines inlet manifold.
6.Plug the supplied USB cable into their laptop and connect using PCLink
7.Start the engine (it should start immediately and run smoothly) and drive the car onto the dyno
8.Dyno tune the car to make it the best it can be, all in a minimum of time.
9.Enjoy you car now that it makes exciting power, idles beautifully, starts cleanly and drives smoothly

All G4 Plug-In ECU's run the same powerful micro controller and firmware as the G4 Xtreme.
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  • Gefabriceerd door: Link Engine Management

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