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SuperPro bushings

SuperPro, we innovate. The advantage of using polyurethane or poly over rubber in the creation of suspension components has impressed engineers and designers so much so that it has become a preferred material for many new and creative concepts involving suspension technology. Polyurethane is now extensively used by Original Equipment Manufacturers in new vehicles and to rectify inherent design flaws in many applications, particularly in high performance vehicles, without changing the actual design of the suspension. Here’s some of the technology that delivers the SuperPro advantage: Dynamic Roll Control DuroBall Metal Poly Hybrid Polyurethane MaterialSuperPro Quality Bushing Metalwork and “Supaloy” The Double Helix Knurling Bullet Grooves and Voiding Tangential Grease Grooves in Head Research and Development •The Research and Development process for SuperPro products constantly gathers information and feedback to provide continuous product improvements. •Superpro constantly re-engineers and tests its products on their own fleet of passenger vehicles and Four Wheel Drives. •Cyclic testing is performed using specifically designed testing equipment, to offer valuable information on the life and durability of SuperPro products. •Australia's diversely unique conditions provide the perfect testing ground for SuperPro products. Encompassing everything from extreme heat, dust, and harsh roads to race circuits, rally tracks, speedways and drag strips, SuperPro products are extensively tested in a variety of conditions to ensure the highest quality performance and reliability. •SuperPro products are also further tested in the diverse climates of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Middle East, South Pacific, UK and USA.