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POWER METER i-Color FLASH performance meter

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•Instantaneous/average fuel mileage
Note: This product calculates the instantaneous/average fuel mileage from the horsepower by utilizing BLITZ original calculation method. Therefore, the displayed value is a rough estimate, and the restrictions below apply.
1. Fuel mileage cannot be calculated while the car is not moving.
2. There is a difference between the displayed value and actual fuel mileage.
3. “Average fuel mileage” value calculation starts when the ignition key is turned ON. The data is cleared when the ignition is turned OFF.
•6 values out of 12 kinds of data can be displayed at the same time.


Instant Fuel Consumption

Average Fuel Consumption

Travel Distance

Sector average mileage

PRESS or A/F *2

*1 Requires TEMP sensor. (Sold separately)
*2 Requires PRESS sensor or A/F Box.. (Sold separately)
*3 When connected to SBC i-D series
Note: Temp sensor: 1 channel, and either Press sensor or A/F box uses another 1 channel input.
•Data logger function is employed to display the analysis graph of POWER /TORQUE /A/F (Requires separately available A/F Box.)
•Sector (from start to stop) distance/fuel consumption/average mileage/ horsepower can be displayed on the progress graph.

•By connecting POWER METER i-Color FLASH to SBC i-D as the control unit, the function can be upgraded as SBC i-Color.
Note: Boost pressure displays in hkpa unit. Also, connection harness is required separately.
  • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
  • Manufactured by: Blitz
  • SKU: 90

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